Current Provincial ASB Committee Members

Organizational meeting for the Committee was held on November 22, 2021.


Sebastian Dutrisac, Northeast Region Representative

Vice Chair:

Brenda Knight, Central Region Representative

Regional Representative:

Morgan Rockenbach, South Region Representative

Regional Representative:

Walter Preugschas, Northwest Region Representative

Regional Representative:

Christi Friesen, Peace Region Representative

RMA Representative:

Jason Schneider, RMA Representative

Ex Officio Members


Aaron Van Beers, Acting Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen Representative

AAAF representative:

Jane Fulton, President Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen (AAAF)


Executive Assistant:

Linda Hunt , PAg

AsB Program staff:

Doug Macaulay, Agriculture and Forestry Representative

Arlene Stephen, Recording Secretary

Alternate Regional Representatives

John Van Driesten, South

Kathy Rooyakers, Central

Ross Bohnet, Northwest

Clifford Wowdzia, Northeast

Robert Chrenek, Peace

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