Resolution Rules of Procedure and Provincial Resolution Timelines

January24 hours before the Provincial ASB Conference: Emergent resolutions and their justification are sent to the ASBPC and reviewed by the Provincial Resolution Committee.
Provincial resolutions presented to and voted on by the ASB delegates
FebruaryFebruary 1 : Approved Provincial resolutions sent to appropriate agencies for response by the first Friday in April.
Resolution responses are posted on the website as they are received. ASBs are notified of new responses by blog post. ASBs are encouraged to reach out to their Regional ASB Representative to discuss resolution responses and provide feedback to guide the Provincial Resolution Committee.
***Starting in 2022 sponsoring ASBs and their Regional Representative will receive an email notifying them when a response is received for the resolution they sponsored.***
April Responses are reviewed by the Provincial Resolution Committee and graded.
Unsatisfactory responses are sent back to the appropriate agency for further response.
May May 15: Deadline to receive further responses to Provincial Resolutions.
by May 20: Provincial Resolution Committee meets to review all responses and grade resolutions.
May 31: All responses and the Provincial Resolution Committee grades are emailed to all ASBs. Grading Sheets are provided to collect the grades from the ASBs which provide direction to future engagement on the resolutions by the ASBPC.
*** Starting in 2022 Grading Sheets will be made available on the website in February for anyone wishing to grade the responses as they come in instead of waiting until June. ***
JuneJune 30: Deadline for ASBs to submit Provincial Resolution Grading Sheets to the ASBPC.
Grades from the ASBs are compiled and reported on in the Report Card. The number of ASBs that participate in the grading process is a measure used to gauge engagement in the resolution process and affects how resolutions are advanced over the next 5 years. ASBs are encouraged to reach out to their Regional Representative at any time to discuss any of the active resolutions and provide input and direction.
July/AugustASBPC meets with Ministers, department staff and executives of agencies to advance resolutions or check in on progress.
by August 15: Schedule of timelines for Regional Resolution sessions is circulated.
SeptemberSeptember 1: Report Card on Resolutions is circulated by email to all ASBs
NovemberImmediately after a Regional Conference: Proposed Provincial Resolutions are submitted to the ASBPC Secretary for review by the ASBPC. The ASBPC may work with the sponsoring ASB to make amendments to the resolution.
DecemberDecember 1: All proposed Provincial Resolutions passed at the Regions are sent to the ASBs for their review and information in preparation for the resolution session at the January Provincial ASB Conference.
Summary of deadlines and resolution process from the ASBPC Terms of Reference. Updated Feb 9, 2022

Regional Rules of Procedure

Provincial Rules of Procedure

Resolution Process Flow Chart

Resolution Process Flow Chart PDF Format

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