Regional ASB Meetings

Each ASB Region has their own traditions and process for engaging with the provincial ASB resolution procedure and providing feedback on concerns and policies affecting agriculture in their region to the Ministry and to the ASB Provincial Committee.

May – June: Most regions will host a ASB Chair and fieldman meeting in the spring after the provincial resolution responses have been received (April) to grade the responses and to discuss potential new resolutions arising from the responses or current conditions.

October – November: Each region will host a Regional ASB Conference, where new resolutions will be debated and those with a provincial scope that pass at the conference will be forwarded to the ASB Provincial Committee secretary to be presented at the Provincial ASB Conference held each year in January. (see Resolutions for more information on this process) ASBs take turns organizing and hosting the Regional ASB Conference according to the schedule posted on this page.

Each hosting ASB is responsible to notify the ASB program staff in the government of the date and time their conference will be held and to include the ASB program staff at the ministry in the planning. The ASB program staff will support the resolution process at the regional conference and help with the communication of the resolution intentions to the ASB Provincial Committee who will be presenting the resolutions at the Provincial ASB Conference.

Regional Rules of Procedure

Regional ASB Conference Hosting Schedule

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