1983 Resolutions

Only resolutions that received approval at the 1983 Provincial ASB Conference are posted for information. Responses are included with each resolution.

Resolution 1-83: Grasshopper Control

Resolution 2-83: Black Fly Control

Resolution 3-83: Beaver Control

Resolution 4-83: Tarping of Grain – Promotion

Resolution 5-83: Pesticide Container Design

Resolution 6-83: Herbicide Labels – Metric/Acres

Resolution 7-83: Water Management

Resolution 7A: Provincial Farmland Drainage Program

Resolution 8-83: Water Management Program

Resolution 9-83: Ground Water Diversion

Resolution 11-83: All Risk Crop Insurance Program

Resolution 12-83: Alberta Hail and Crop Spot Flood Damage Coverage

Resolution 13-83: Hail Suppression Program

Resolution 15-83: Utility Rate Increases

Resolution 16-83: Weed Control Act

Resolution 17-83: Water Management Program

Resolution 18-83: Wildlife Act Amendment

Resolution 19-83: Amend ASB Act to Allow Up To 7 Members on Board

Resolution 20-83: Review Classification of Agricultural Fieldmen

Resolution 21-83: Increasing Funding to ASBs