1984 Resolutions

Only resolutions passed at the 1984 Provincial ASB Conference are presented here for information. Resolution responses are included with each resolution.

Resolution 2-84: Drainage

Resolution 3-84: SCAP Approval Procedure

Resolution 4-84: Dryland Salinity

Resolution 6-84: Pocket Gophers

Resolution 7B-84: Canada and Sow Thistle

Resolution 9-84: Registration of Glyphosate (Roundup)

Resolution 10-84: Alberta Weed Control Policy

Resolution 11-84: Knapweed Control

Resolution 15-84: Decomposable Baler Twine

Resolution 19-84: Local Applied Research Facilities

Resolution 20-84: Provincial Agricultural Research Funding

Resolution 34-84: Grasshopper – Bertha Armyworm

Resolution 36-84: Grasshopper Control