1987 Resolutions

Only resolutions that received approval at the 1987 Provincial ASB Conference are provided for information. Resolution responses are included with each resolution.

Resolution 1-87: Weeds of Alberta

Resolution 2-87: Responsibility for Weed Control

Resolution 3-87: Control of Dodder

Resolution 4-87: Scentless Chamomile Free Feed

Resolution 5-87: Scentless Chamomile Funding

Resolution 6-87: The Need for More Uniform Control of Scentless Chamomile (Mayweed)

Resolution 10-87: Grasshopper Spraying

Resolution 12-87: Banning the Use of 2,4-D

Resolution 13-87: Pocket Gopher Control

Resolution 14-87: Agriculture Service Board Budget

Resolution 15-87: Economic Situation

Resolution 16-87: Elimination of District Agriculturist Positions

Resolution 17-87: Urban Weed Control Grants Be Retained

Resolution 18-87: Fertilizer Test Recommendations

Resolution 20-87: Restriction on ATV Use by Hunters

Resolution 21-87: Big Game Hunting Season

Resolution 24-87: Lease Agreements to Encourage Soil Conservation

Resolution 25-87: Beaver Control

Resolution 26-87: Beaver Control 2

Resolution 27-87: Beaver Control 3

Resolution 28-87: Pesticide Container Collection Sites