1988 Resolutions

All resolutions presented at the 1988 Provincial ASB Conference are presented here for information. Responses are included at the bottom of those resolutions that received approval by the delegates at the 1988 conference.

Resolution 1-88: Coyote Control Program

Resolution 2-88: Rat Control in Alberta

Resolution 3-88: Ox-Eye Daisy Control

Resolution 4-88: Noxious Weed Control Along Natural Watercourses

Resolution 5-88: Television Advertising Promoting Weed Control

Resolution 6-88: Enactment of New Weed Control Act

Resolution 7-88: Hay Movement Permits

Resolution 8-88: Presentation of Purity Analysis for Seed Used on Public Properties

Resolution 9-88: Dual Labeling

Resolution 10-88: Amendments to the Soil Conservation Act

Resolution 11-88: Land Surface Conservation and Reclamation Act

Resolution 12-88: Alberta Water Management and Erosion Control Program

Resolution 13-88: Tree Policy

Resolution 14-88: ASB Budget

Resolution 15-88: District Home Economist Staffing

Resolution 16-88: Method of Payment – The CROW Rate Benefit

Resolution 17-88: Proposed Tax Reform Changes

Resolution 18-88: Cash Accounting Principle 1

Resolution 19-88: Cash Accounting Principle 2

Resolution 20-88: Free Trade Resolution

Resolution 21-88: Green Certification Program

Resolution 22-88: Market Garden

Resolution 23-88: Feed Analysis

Resolution 24-88: Ethanol in Gasoline

Resolution 25-88: Pesticide Container Disposal