1989 Resolutions

Resolutions presented at the 1989 Provincial ASB Conference are listed here for information. Responses for each resolution that passed at the conference are included with the individual resolution.

Resolution 1-89: Agriculture Week

Resolution 2-89: Ox-Eye Daisy Control

Resolution 3-89: Scentless Chamomile Control

Resolution 4-89: Construction and Oilfield Equipment

Resolution 5-89: Control Spread of Noxious Weeds

Resolution 6-89: Problem Vegetation Control on Drainage Ditches

Resolution 7-89: Noxious Weed Control Along Lake and Stream Shores

Resolution 8-89: Generic Herbicide Registrations

Resolution 9-89: Reducing Herbicide Costs to Encourage Soil Conservation

Resolution 10-89: Relaxing the Research and Development License on Roundup

Resolution 11-89: Soil, Water and Wildlife Conservation

Resolution 12-89: Land Surface Conservation and Reclamation Act

Resolution 13-89: Provincial Acts Recommendation Committee

Resolution 14-89: Changes to the Companies Act

Resolution 15-89: Continued Support of Agriculture Research

Resolution 16-89: Pocket Gopher Control

Resolution 17-89: Stinkbug Resolution

Resolution 18-89: Ethanol

Resolution 19-89: Forage Crops Eligibility

Resolution 20-89: Game Hunting Authorization

Resolution 21-89: Pesticide Container Collection Program