1990 Resolutions

Resolution 1-90: Coyote Control

Resolution 2-90: Blackleg in Canola

Resolution 3-90: Virulent Blackleg of Canola

Resolution 4-90: Purchase of Land by Fish and Wildlife for Duck Feeding Stations

Resolution 5-90: Wildlife Damage Compensation

Resolution 6-90: Feeding Station at Waterfowl Projects

Resolution 7-90: Trespass on Farmland

Resolution 8-90: Weed Control on Drainage Ditches

Resolution 9-90: Alternative Weed and Brush Control Methods

Resolution 10-90: Weed Seed Labels

Resolution 11-90: Control of Noxious Weeds on Alberta Primary Highways

Resolution 12-90: Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis)

Resolution 13-90: Weed Control – AGT Pedestals

Resolution 14-90: Pesticide Quality Control

Resolution 15-90: Feasibility of Ethanol

Resolution 16-90: Emissions Monitoring – Sour Gas Wells

Resolution 17-90: Conservation Funding

Resolution 18-90: Inflation

Resolution 19-90: Eliminate the GST on the Ag Sector

Resolution 20-90: Government Farm Economy Improvement

Resolution 21-90: Agricultural Service Board Act Changes

Resolution 22-90: Reinstating the Marketing-Handling of Oats by the Canadian Wheat Board

Resolution 23-90: Alberta Soil and Land Inventory Surveys

Resolution 24-90: Brucellosis in Bison