1991 Resolutions

All resolutions presented at the 1991 Provincial ASB Conference are listed here. Some of the resolutions were defeated at the 1991 Conference but are posted here for information.

Resolution 1-91: Minimum Distance Separation Requirements for Intensive Livestock Operations

Resolution 2-91: Veterinary Service

Resolution 3-91: Coyote Control

Resolution 4-91: Livestock Predator Indemnity Committee Representation

Resolution 5-91: Shelterbelt Tree Program

Resolution 6-91: Farm Income Crisis

Resolution 7-91: Scentless Chamomile Control – Alberta Transportation

Resolution 8-91: Blueweed

Resolution 9-91: Food Safety

Resolution 10-91: Interest Free Cash Advance

Resolution 11-91: Base Line Agricultural Research

Resolution 12-91: Virulent Blackleg in Canola

Resolution 13-91: Alberta Farm Fuel Distribution Allowance

Resolution 14-91: Weed Control on Indian Reserves

Resolution 15-91: Additional Responsibility to Agricultural Fieldman/Weed Inspectors

Resolution 16-91: Unseeded Acreage Coverage on Conservation Tillage

Resolution 17-91: Regional Equity for Environmental Expenditures

Resolution 18-91: Warble Control at Auction Markets

Resolution 19-91: Freight Rates

Resolution 20-91: Classroom Agricultural Program

Resolution 21-91: Grazing Lease Renewals

Resolution 22-91: Additional Responsibility to Improvement Districts

Resolution 23-91: Agricultural Service Board Act Revision

Resolution 24-91: Agricultural Service Board Act Revision

Resolution 25-91: Farmer Pesticide Training

Emergent Resolution: Disaster Assistance Program Guidelines

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