1992 Resolutions

All resolutions presented at the 1992 ASB Provincial Conference are listed here for information.

Resolution 1-92: Transportation Infrastructure

Resolution 2-92: Game Farms

Resolution 3-92: Construction Equipment

Resolution 4-92: Variety Plots

Resolution 5-92: NISA – Naming of a Beneficiary

Resolution 6-92: Forages Inclusion in NISA

Resolution 7-92: Beaver Damage Control Permits

Resolution 8-92: Mowing on Primary Highways

Resolution 9-92: Federal Government Implement Tighter Quality Control on Agricultural Exports

Resolution 10-92: Availability of Certificate of Analysis of Seed from Retail Outlets

Resolution 11-92: Weed Control in Towns and Cities

Resolution 12-92: Restricted and Noxious Weed Educational Videotapes

Resolution 13-92: Purple Loosestrife Control

Resolution 14-92: Explosives Purchased for Municipal Beaver Problems

Resolution 15-92: That Land Designated as Non-Agricultural Not Be Assessed as Farmland

Resolution 16-92: PFRA Dugouts

Resolution 17-92: Re-Establishment RCMP Rural Crime Investigation Unit

Resolution 18-92: Habitat Maintenance Zone

Resolution 19-92: Advisory Committee Members

Resolution 20-92: Public Awareness of the Multiple Use of Our Water Resources

Resolution 21-92: Irrigation Related Research

Resolution 22-92: Farm Fuel Allowance

Resolution 23-92: Agricultural Service Board Member Training

Resolution 24-92: Grain Transportation Systems

Resolution 25-92: Minimum Tillage Incentive Program

Resolution 26-92: Agricultural Service Board Funding

Resolution 27-92: Assistance for Hauling Livestock Feed

Resolution 27-92: Compensation for Livestock That Died From Anthrax

Resolution 28-92: Livestock Predator Indemnity Program

Resolution 29-92: Warble Inspection at Auction Markets

Resolution 30-92: Disaster Assistance Program

Resolution 31-92: Notification to Local Authorities re: Foreclosures

Resolution 32-92: Permanent Cover Program

Resolution 33-92: ASB Vote Equality

Resolution 34-92: Weeds of Alberta Update

Resolution 35-92: Blackleg of Canola

Resolution 38-92: Alberta Agriculture Grants

Resolution 39-92: Proposed Pesticide Sales, Handling, Use & Application Regulation

Resolution ??-92: Weed Control on Public Land

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