1993 Resolutions

Only resolutions passed at the 1993 Provincial ASB Conference are listed here. The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and response are posted for information.

Resolution 1-93: Funding of Seed Plants for the Purpose of Upgrading

Resolution 2-93: Forage Seed Standards

Resolution 3-93: Noxious Weeds

Resolution 4-93: Sale of Noxious Weeds from Greenhouses

Resolution 5-93: CROW Benefit Offset Program

Resolution 6-93: Direct Deposit of ASB Grants

Resolution 7-93: Changes Required to Livestock Predation Compensation Program

Resolution 8-93: Livestock Predator Committee

Resolution 9-93: Livestock Predator Indemnity Program

Resolution 10-93: Wildlife Damage Compensation

Resolution 11: Raven Control

Resolution 12-93: Crop Insurance and Wildlife Damage

Resolution 13-93: Migratory Bird Compensation and Gross Revenue Insurance Program (GRIP)

Resolution 14-93: Agricultural Research

Resolution 15-93: Soil Conservation

Resolution 16-93: Review of Soil Conservation Implication of Government Programs

Resolution 17-93: New Member Orientation

Resolution 18-93: Farm Residence Exemption – Privately Rented Farm Lands

Resolution 19-93: Alberta Hail and Crop Insurance Measurement of Forage Production for Insurance Purposes

Resolution 20-93: Permanent Cover Program