1994 Resolutions

Resolutions passed at the 1994 Provincial ASB Conference are presented here. Only the “Therefore Be It Resolved” and Response are listed here for information.

Resolution 1-94: De-registration of Canola Varieties

Resolution 2-94: Cash Flow Enhancement Program

Resolution 3-94: Agriculture in the Classroom

Resolution 4-94: Control of Wild Boar in Alberta

Resolution 5-94: Changes to the Animal Protection Act

Resolution 6-94: Pesticide Container Collection

Resolution 7-94: Richardson Ground Squirrel Control

Resolution 8-94: Scentless Chamomile and Tansy Control

Resolution 9-94: Toadflax Research

Resolution 10-94: Biological Pest Control

Resolution 11-94: LD50 Toxicity Ratings

Resolution 12-94: Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development – Funding Inequity

Resolution 13-94: Crop Insurance Interest Payment on Unsettled Claims

Resolution 14-94: Voting Equality at ASB Provincial Conference

Resolution 15-94: Provincial Funding for Agricultural Service Boards

Resolution 16-94: Feeder Associations of Alberta