1995 Resolutions

Only resolutions passed at the 1995 Provincial ASB Conference are posted. The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and Response are included for information.

Resolution 1-95: Forage Association Funding Guidelines

Resolution 2-95: Green Zone Grazing Lease Renewals

Resolution 3-95: Use of Bovine Somatotropin (BST) to Increase Milk Production in Dairy Cattle

Resolution 4-95: Bovine Trichomoniasis

Resolution 5-95: Liquid Strychnine Registration

Resolution 6-95: Wolf Concerns in Alberta

Resolution 7-95: Weed Control Act Amendment

Resolution 8-95: Weed Seed Tag Identification

Resolution 9-95: Weed Tolerances in Pre-Mixed Rodent Control Products

Resolution 10-95: Herbicide Non-Performance

Resolution 11-95: Crop Insurance Coverage for CPS and Extra Strong Wheats

Resolution 12-95: Alberta Ethanol Industry

Resolution 13-95: Restructuring of AAFRD Field Services

Resolution 14-95: Municipal Road Priorities

Resolution 15-95: Proposed New Gun Control Legislation

Resolution 16-95: Amendment of the Agricultural Service Board Act

Resolution 17-95: Coyote Control Policy

Resolution 18-95: Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant Taxation Exemption

Resolution 19-95: Proposed Water Conservation and Management Act