1998 Resolutions

Resolutions passed at the 1998 Provincial ASB Conference are posted here. The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and Response are included here for information.

Resolution 1-98: Endangered Species Legislation

Resolution 2-98: The Canada Endangered Species Protection Act

DEFEATED: Resolution 3-98

Resolution 4-98: Urban/Rural Communications

Resolution 5-98: Assessment of Agricultural Land

Resolution 6-98: Weather Modification – Hail Suppression

Resolution 7-98: Illegal Drainage Projects

Resolution 8-98: Environmental Protection – Weed Control

Resolution 9-98: Environmental Protection – Weed Control

Resolution 10-98: Noxious Weed Control Along Railway Right of Ways

Resolution 11-98: Weed Control on Federal Lands

Resolution 12-98: Alberta Farm Income Disaster Program

Resolution 13-98: Provincial Agriculture Service Boards Conference

Resolution 14-98: Additional Agricultural Service Board Grant Funding

Resolution 15-98: Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Funding and Agriculture Service Boards Grant Applications

Resolution 16-98: Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

Resolution E1-98: National Identification System for Beef Cattle