2000 Resolutions

The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and Responses for all resolutions passed at the 2000 Provincial ASB Conference are posted here.

Resolution 2-00: Restricted and Noxious Weed Prevention on Reclamation Sites

Resolution 3-00: Seed Ingredients Label

Resolution 4-00: Ensuring Purity of Wildflower Mixes

Resolution 5-00: Invasive Species

Resolution 6-00: Fusarium (graminearum) Awareness and Monitoring

Resolution 7-00: Protein Testing of Cereal Grains

Resolution 8-00: Factual Information on the Agricultural Applications of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Resolution 9-00: Licensing of Water Wells

Resolution 10-00: Unauthorized Drainage

Resolution 11-00: Allocation of Public Land Dispositions

Resolution 12-00: Protecting the Agricultural Land Base

Resolution 13-00: Funding for the Breton Plots

Resolution 14-00: Control of Richardson Ground Squirrels (Gophers)

Resolution 15-00: Farm Income Crisis

Resolution 16-00: Privatization of Vegetation Management on Secondary Highways

Resolution E1-00: Elimination of Pasture Insurance

Resolution E2-00: Dealer Purity