2002 Resolutions

Resolution 1-02: Definition “Farming Operations”

Resolution 2-02: AFSC Crop Insurance Program

Resolution 3-02: Farm Water Program Deadline Extension

Resolution 4-02: Farm Drought Assistance

Resolution 5-02: Richardson Ground Squirrel Control

Resolution 6-02: Grasshopper Control Research

Resolution 7-02: Wild Boars

Resolution 8-02: Diseased Bison Eradication

Resolution 9-02: Seed Cleaning Plant Licensing

Resolution 10-02: Infrastructure Assistance

Resolution 11-02: Agricultural Products Recycling Program

Resolution 12-02: Notice of Appeal Period

Resolution 13-02: Veterinary Medicine

Resolution 14-02: AAFRD Commitment to Rural Alberta

Resolution 15-02: Weed Control in Southeast British Columbia

Resolution 16-02: Pasture Sage (Artemisia frigida) Control

Resolution 17-02: Permits to Destroy Coyotes Using Dogs

Resolution 18-02: Malignant Catarrhal Fever in Livestock

Resolution 19-02: Fusarium Head Blight (F. graminearum)

Resolution 20-02: Confined Feeding Operations – Minimum Distance Separations

Resolution 21-02: Beaver Flood Control