2003 Resolutions

The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and Responses for resolutions passed at the 2003 Provincial ASB Conference are posted here.

Resolution 1-03: Agricultural Service Board Grant Funding

Resolution 2-03: Fumigation Use for Unlicensed Producers

Resolution 3-03: Request for Review of Agricultural Operation Practices Act

Resolution 4-03: Richardson’s Ground Squirrel Control

Resolution 5-03: Tamarisk (Salt Cedar)

Resolution 6-03: Federal Tax on Farm Fuel

Resolution 7-03: Crop Insurance Reduction

Resolution 8-03: Extension of the Tax Deferral Period for Sale of Breeding Livestock

Resolution 9-03: Agriculture Financial Services Corporation

Resolution 10-03: Grasshopper Control Program Continuation

Resolution 11-03: Increase Grasshopper Control Research Funding

Resolution 12-03: Watershed Protection on Public Lands

Resolution 13-03: Funding and Support for Rat and Rabies Program

Resolution 14-03: Funding to Support Environmental Action in Alberta by Producers

Resolution 15-03: Meat Inspection Regulations

Resolution 16-03: Beehive Locations

DEFEATED Resolution 17-03: Zero Tolerance for Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) Caused by Fusarium graminearum for Entire Alberta Agriculture Industry

Resolution 18-03: Fusarium graminearum Test Funding

Resolution 19-03: Special Pest Control Program – Fusarium