2006 Resolutions

The “Therefore Be It Resolved” statement and response are provided for the 2006 resolutions.

Resolution 1-06: Farm Fuel Rebate

Resolution 2-06: Farm Fertilizer

Resolution 3-06: Farm Fuel and Fertilizer Costs

Resolution 4-06: Crop Insurance Coverage Levels

Resolution 5-06: The Canadian Radio Frequency Identification Reader Program

Resolution 6-06: Royalty Payment on Self Grown Cereal Seeds

Resolution 7-06: Seed Content Label

Resolution 8-06: Pest Monitoring and Control Compensation Program

Resolution 9-06: Public Lands Funding for Weed and Invasive Control

Resolution 10-06: Weed Control Along Primary and Secondary Highways

Resolution 11-06: Weed Control Along Railway Right of Ways

Resolution 12-06: Agricultural Disaster Assistance Eligibility Criteria

Resolution 13-06: Recycling of Agricultural Plastics

Resolution 14-06: Own Use Import Program

Resolution E1-06: Fusarium graminearum