Upcoming Meeting: March 18, 2019

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Provincial ASB Committee is March 18, 2019.  Regional Reps may be contacted if there is an issue in your area that needs to be brought forward to the Committee.

The contact info for the Regional Reps is:

  • South – Morgan Rockenbach – mrockenbach@warnercounty.ca
  • Central – Wayne Nixon – wnixon@stettlercounty.ca
  • Northwest – Lloyd Giebelhaus – lgiebelhaus@lsac.ca
  • Northeast – Steve Upham – supham@county.stpaul.ab.ca
  • Peace – Corey Beck – cbeck@countygp.ab.ca

Information may also be sent to the Secretary or the Executive Assistant

  • Secretary – Sebastien Dutrisac – sdutrisac@northernsunrise.net
  • Executive Assistant – Maureen Vadnais-Sloan – asbprovcommittee@gmail.com

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