November 12 – Provincial ASB Committee Meeting

The Provincial ASB Committee met November 12, 2019. There were some changes to the Committee following the Regional Meetings and the Committee would like to welcome the following members:

  • Marc Jubinville, Northeast Region Representative
  • Kevin Smook, Northeast Region Alternate
  • Dale Kluin, Northwest Region Representative
  • Walter Preugschas , Northwest Region Alternate

The Committee thanks Lloyd Giebelhaus, Northwest Region Representative, and Steve Upham, Northeast Region Representative, for their contributions to the Committee.

The Representatives for the next two years are:

  • South Representative – Morgan Rockenbach
  • South Alternate – Shawn Rodgers
  • Central Representative – TBD
  • Central Alternate – TBD
  • Northeast Representative – Marc Jubinville
  • Northeast Alternate – Kevin Smook
  • Northwest Representative – Dale Kluin
  • Northwest Alternate – Walter Preugschas
  • Peace Representative – Corey Beck
  • Peace Alternate – Dale Smith

The Committee held an organizational meeting on November 12 and the following appointments were made:

  • Chair – Corey Beck
  • Vice Chair – Marc Jubinville
  • Committee Appointments
    • Agricultural Plastic Recycling Committee – Wayne Nixon, Representative; Marc Jubinville, Alternate
    • Alberta Game Management Advisory Group (AGMAG) – Corey Beck, Representative; Dale Smith, Alternate
    • Alberta Environmental Farm Partnership – Kevin Smook (alternate to RMA)
    • Clubroot Action Committee – Dale Kluin, Representative; Marc Jubinville, Alternate
    • Fusarium Action Committee – Morgan Rockenbach, Representative; Wayne Nixon, Alternate
    • Wildlife Predator Compensation Committee – Corey Beck, Representative; Dale Kluin, Alternate
    • Species at Risk Committee – Marc Jubinville, Representative; Morgan Rockenbach, Alternate

Discussion items and delegations for the November meeting:

  • The new Weed Control Act process for appeals to the Minister
  • Strathcona County came as a delegation and their experience with an appeal to the Minister under the new process was reviewed and discussed
  • Al Kemmere, President of RMA, provided the Committee with an update on the agricultural plastics recycling pilot program
  • Reviewed the resolutions passed at Regional Meetings and approved them to go forward to the Provincial Conference – a conference call will have to be held after the Central Region meeting to approve resolutions passed at that conference
  • Reviewed the Rules of Procedure and approved to change the Regional Rules of Procedure to specify that elections for Representatives are to be held in odd numbered years
  • Reviewed the ASB Summary Report and Steering Committee Recommendations
  • Discussed the 2020 Provincial Conference and Provincial Committee Meeting
  • Reviewed the September meeting with the Minister of Environment and Parks
  • The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) came and discussed concerns with lack of vets and vet technologists throughout Alberta
  • Action Items:
    • Write letter to PMRA re: 2% liquid strychnine and issues with proposed alternatives
    • Request meeting with Western Grains Research Foundation to discuss research funding
    • Invite Ministers to January Provincial Committee meeting and 2020 Provincial Conference
    • Send letters to MLAs with information about ASBs and what they do

The next meetings for the Provincial ASB Committee will be:

  • Conference call to discuss resolutions passed at the Central Region (after November 27)
  • January 21, 2020 – Banff

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