Introducing the Executive Assistant

ASB Provincial Committee Executive Assistant Linda Hunt PAg.

Linda Hunt, recently with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry started as the Executive Assistant for the ASB Provincial Committee in June of 2020. Since then she has been working hard to catch up on the resolution process and the issues facing ASBs across the province.

Linda is a Rangeland and Livestock Agrologist with experience throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Most recently she worked for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry as a specialist at the Ag-Info Center, and then with the grant programs for the Applied Research Associations and Agriculture Service Boards. Linda started her career as the first hire for the Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture program serving the counties of Beaver and Lamont. She has also worked on the spray crew and as a weed inspector for Beaver County and as a contractor completed weed and insect surveys for the province. She has also worked for Public Lands, Alberta Research Council and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture as a Forage Extension Specialist out of Prince Albert.

Linda’s experience at both the municipal and provincial levels of government, practical understanding of agriculture, extensive network and practical understanding of the grant funding system makes her a natural fit for the executive assistant position.

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