Resolution 1-20 Ropin the Web

Farming the Web replaces the Ropin’ the Web marketplace.

This spring the Alberta Forage Industry Network announced at their AGM that they had received a grant to develop an industry managed replacement to the Ropin’ the Web Marketplace. This summer Farming the Web was launched. ASB resolution 1-20 did not only address the marketplace, and it was not the only advocacy to address the gaps created in redesign of the government of Alberta website, however the resolution did contribute positively to the discussion.

Many of the publications that have been published by the Alberta government are available on the Open Alberta web portal.

The website, previously maintained by the Government of Alberta, was granted to the Beef Cattle Research Council and is being updated to a new online format and made available through their website.

The Alberta government invested in the Farm Management Canada initiative, and got it started, but seems to have pulled back. Their website and resources are available

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