Champions of Agriculture Public Outreach Program

Request for Applications

“Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is looking for an approachable and energetic organization to help tell the story of Alberta’s agriculture industry and the safe and healthy foods grown and produced here.

The right organization will play an important role in helping Alberta consumers navigate the
complex and contradictory information in the media, online and in the aisles of their local grocery stores. They will be a reliable and credible source of information and act as a key public and media spokesperson on the issues and questions surrounding agriculture and food production practices. These issues can range from concerns about specific production practices or inputs and their perceived impacts on the safety and nutritional value of foods, to food security and the overall sustainability and environmental impact of the industry.

Working largely independent of government and in close cooperation with industry, the successful organization will develop and deliver a two-year public trust program that dovetails with the province’s overarching Champions of Agriculture initiative. Government and other entities will lead other actions under this initiative, including policy development, scientific research and school-based agriculture education.”

For more information check out the documents on the website.

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