ASBPC meets with South Rural Caucus

Today the ASBPC was privileged to meet online with the South Rural Caucus to raise awareness of the ASBs and their role in rural Alberta with MLAs.  ASBPC members Wayne Nixon and Marc Jubinville, supported by Doug Macaulay attended this half hour session.

MLA Nate Horner (Drumheller-Stettler) hosted the call attended by 9 other colleagues. Nixon gave a brief summary of the history and role the ASBs have played in Alberta that emphasized their contributions to provincial policy and supporting agriculture at the municipal level. Jubinville followed up with a brief explanation of the ASBPC and the role of the Committee and urged the MLAs to think of the ASBs as a grassroots resource.  Macaulay followed up with some stats out of the ASB program impact assessment and shared some examples of the important roles of the ASBs in pest monitoring and surveillance for providing market access.

MLA Horner commented on the 7:1 return on investment received from the ASBs and emphasized to the audience the value of the ASBs in soil conservation efforts, particularly during drought conditions.  The meeting was a brief 30 minutes, and Horner thanked the Committee for attending.  The Committee also provided all those in attendance with a fact sheet containing contact information, ASB website address and a copy of the impact assessment infographic.

Infographic of the impact of ASBs updated 2021
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