Feds Launch Next Agriculture Policy Framework Consultations

Alberta’s CAP program ends March 2023

The Agriculture Policy Framework is the $300 billion federal investment in agriculture programs across Canada, and where the funds for the current CAP and previous Growing Forward program received their federal funding. The Alberta CAP programs are going through redesign changes and according to their website, should open up again this spring and carry on until the end of the current agreement on March 31, 2023. In the mean time consultations with the provinces have begun for the next presumably 5 year funding program.

Each province negotiates their own programs to address the needs and initiatives with in their own provinces, and has input into the federally administrated programs like AgriMarketing and AgriAssurance. Within the province however there have typically been a suite of producer focused and association focused grant programs that address a multitude of priorities including environmental stewardship, agriculture education, farm safety, pest surveillance, on farm water supply, irrigation efficiency, value added and grain driers.

The Federal government announcement states that consultations with the provinces have begun and will continue through to spring of 2022. A webpage called Next Agricultural Policy Framework has been launched to help interested parties stay updated on the consultations, feedback received from the provinces, and to contribute to the discussion. Its a good site to book mark and pay attention to as Alberta negotiates the next 5 years of agriculture funding for the province.

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