Agriculture Disasters Declared Due to Dry Conditions

Yesterday the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Honourable Marie-Claud Bibeau announced measures that the federal government is taking to support producers affected by the extreme weather. Included in the announcement was an early designation of the Livestock Tax Deferral provision for the prescribed drought regions.

So far the “prescribed drought regions” eligible for the Livestock Tax Deferral provision in Alberta include : Calgary, Foothills County, Rocky View County, Vulcan County and Willow Creek. In the mean time municipalities throughout Alberta are declaring Agriculture Disasters.

The Agriculture Service Board Provincial Committee (ASBPC) has developed a 2021 Agriculture Disaster page on the website. Included on the page is an updated the list of those municipalities who have declared Agriculture Disasters, and a list of resources for producers and municipalities affected by the dry conditions.

It is expected that more municipalities will end up on the Agriculture Disaster list over the next few weeks. The Provincial Drought and Excessive Moisture Advisory Group is meeting on July 29, 2021.

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