Provincial Committee Meets with Minister Horner

January 25, 2022; Resolution 6-20, Resolution 9-20, Resolution 2-19, Resolution E1-19,

The ASBPC was pleased to finally host the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Economic Development for dinner just prior to his opening remarks that the in person Provincial ASB Conference this January.

“I don’t recall a more productive and positive discussion with a Minister of Agriculture as we had this January.  Minister Horner and his staff were active listeners and engaged with poignant questions to the issues we face as ASBs.  As we are all looking to improve the agricultural industry, the Minister challenged us to continue bringing items forward with options, impacts and potential initiatives more frequently.” Sebastien Dutrisac

The conversation was easy and yet on topic. Minister asked what the primary concerns of the ASBs were and the Committee talked about a variety of concerns including the role of government in advocating for the industry, increasing concerns with wildlife interactions including Wild Boar at large and bear depredation of beehives, future of the REDAs and how farm mental health will be supported in the new Ag Policy Framework discussions.

The Committee has followed up with a letter which included information from the Alberta Beekeepers Commission and reiterating the importance of having an agriculture prospective represented when making policy decisions around wildlife management.

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