ASB Connector E-newsletter from AFRED **UPDATE**

Strengthening the relationship between the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Economic Development and ASBs.

**Anyone can now subscribe to the ASB E-Connector Newsletter through an online submission form on the website. The link to the submission form is now available on the ASB E-Connector page on this website’s menu.***

Since July 2021, the province has been putting together the ASB Connector newsletter. The newsletter contains articles relevant to the ASB resolutions and other important topics. 4 additions have been distributed through the ASB Chair and AAAF email lists maintained by the ASB Program staff at AFRED.

The intent is for the Chairs and Fieldmen to distribute the ASB Connector e-newsletter link to their ASB members. Future editions will also be posted on the ASB website. To subscribe to the ASB Connector e-newsletter please fill out the online submission form.

The next addition is expected in July 2022.

In addition to the newsletter, Assistant Deputy Minister of Primary Agriculture John Conrad has been co-hosting ADM Town halls with the ASB Chairs twice a year. The next ADM Townhall will be the morning of June 8. The ASBPC has suggested updates to the following topics:

  • Update on the Wild Boar Eradication project
  • Update on Avian Influenza
  • Details on the proposed changes to encourage more large animal Vets for rural areas
  • Update on Beehive Depredation
  • AFRED involvement in the RDAR task force for extension – how ASBs are represented

AFRED also puts out a weekly Agri-News newsletter every Monday that can be subscribed to by anyone.

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