Waterfowl Crop Damage Prevention Program

Garret McKen is a Junior Biologist with the Alberta Conservation Association who has recently became the Provincial Coordinator for the Waterfowl Crop Damage Prevention Program. This program is designed to discourage crop depredation by waterfowl by providing propane powered scare cannons to farmers through the Agricultural Service Boards.

One of the deliverables each year consists of providing an update of the program to Alberta Agriculture. Attached below are links to a document about the program and a list of cooperating Agricultural Service Boards. When contacted by Garret about the demand for scare cannons, those ASBs that replied indicated that there was a decrease in scare cannon use in 2021 compared to the previous two years. There have been some requests to provide more cannons as it is anticipated there will be higher use under more normal growing conditions. These requests are being accommodated.

Additional information about the program can be found on the ACA’s website.

July 2022 program update.

Scare Cannon Mark 4 Product Manual

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