2023 Resolutions now posted

The ASBs hosted their 78th Provincial Conference in Grande Prairie this January where they passed 14 resolutions, three of which were emergent.

2023 Updates

The 2023 resolutions are now posted on the website, along with the draft 2023 resolution session minutes, and the approved 2022 Resolution session minutes. Letters asking for responses to the resolutions were delivered to the provincial government and associations earlier this month. The federal resolutions have gone to the Federal government ministers, and the Committee is still working to get those directed at the CFIA and other federal agencies into the right hands.

Resolution Grading Sheets posted

Responses to the resolutions will be posted as they are received, announced in the Blog, and emailed directly to the sponsoring municipalities for comment. April 7, 2024 is the deadline for responses and the 2023 Grading Sheet is posted for any ASB that would like to grade responses as they are received. The 2023 Grading Sheets will also be emailed out to all ASBs on May 31. Grading Sheets are due back to the ASBPC by June 30th. Please submit them as Excel files.

Changing Rules of Procedure

There were no changes to the Provincial or Regional Rules of Procedure at the 2022 conference so they remain unchanged. However there were several changes approved at this years conference that will be in affect for the 2024 conference.

A notable change is starting in 2024, resolutions will be considered active for three years instead of the current 5. This will align the ASB process with the current RMA process and reduce the likelihood of duplicate resolutions. This will mean that in 2024, resolutions from 2019 and 2020 will be removed from the active resolution list.

Another notable change is the creation of an ASBPC Endorsed Resolution. These resolutions will be drafted by the ASBPC after the Regional Conferences to address issues that have come out of ASBPC resolution advocacy or provincial engagements that were not addressed through the regional conferences. These resolutions will be handled like emergent resolutions and brought to the conference for the assembly to discuss, amend and vote.

The most significant change to the Regional Rules of Procedure is the addition of one more appointed member to the Regional Resolution Review committee. This was done to meet the requests in Resolution 6-22.

Copies of the new Provincial and Regional Rules of Procedure that come into affect in 2024 can be found at the bottom of the Resolution Rules of Procedure page on the website.

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