Know Your Food Ag Day

Resolution 9-20, related Resolution 3-22

On May 2nd, 3rd and 4th the County of Newell hosted nearly 1000 school age kids on the Agriculture Service side of their compound as well as in the warm storage building.

The day included 2 trailers booked through Ag for Life. The “Know your Food” and the “Rural Safety Unittrailers. The two trailers boast a great learning opportunity for older school age kids, but everyone was given the chance to go through them.

Along the West compound fence they hosted an ag equipment display and interactive Q and A format. Brandt Agriculture, Rocky Mountain Equipment and Brooks Farm Equipment collaborated to bring in some of their units for kids to look at.

In the North east side of the Ag Service area they hosted a County Corner which displayed County equipment, and promoted the county as a potential employer for the older students.

The interactive section was hosted inside the warm storage building. There was a soil/planting demonstration sponsored by UFA and Nutrien. AB Health brought Rural Safety information. The Alberta Invasive Species Center talked about weeds, pests, pets, and the like with an appearance from Tank the Don’t Let it Loose Mascot. The Brooks Farmers Market was onsite to outline that side of agriculture. FCC sponsored Wilma an interactive milk cow… well sort of. Wilma looks like a milk cow and kids will get to see how milking is done while learning about the dairy industry from one of the county’s previous team members – Emma Vansteekelenberg. They were also fortunate to have the Eastern Irrigation District come with their water conveyance display.

One of County of Newell Council’s strategic priorities is Ag Education. “I don’t think we can put a check mark in the “Done” column, but a check in the “In progress” area seems reasonable.” said Todd Green, Director of Agriculture Services.

For planning purposes, Todd asked Ag for Life what they usually charge their trailers out at for the day:

  • Free for Schools
  • $2500/day- Rural Safety Trailer
  • $3500/day – Know Your Food Trailer

They book dates from April to October only. They are based out of Calgary.

The County invited all the schools in the district and was sure to include the Hutterite schools. Be sure to give the schools a heads up early on in the planning for the best turn out.

AgForLife website

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