1985 Resolutions

Only resolutions that received approval at the 1985 Provincial ASB Conference are listed here for information. Responses are included with each resolution.

Resolution 1-85: Grading of Agricultural Crop Seed

Resolution 4-85: Alberta Crop Insurance

Resolution 5-85: Hail and Crop Insurance

Resolution 6-85: Predator Loss and Control Officer Responsibilities

Resolution 7-85: Change to Agricultural Pests Act, Chapter A-B.1, 1984

Resolution 9-85: Use of 1080

Resolution 10-85: Revision of the Weed Control Act

Resolution 11-85: Control of Scentless Chamomile (Mayweed)

Resolution 13-85: Knapweed

Resolution 14-85: Virulent Blackleg of Canola

Resolution 15-85: Improvements of the Alberta Beef Cattle ROP Program

Resolution 16-85: Adequate Extra Funding

Resolution 17-85: Provincial Agricultural Research Funding

Resolution 18-85: Farm Fuels

Resolution 19-85: Agricultural Research and Extension Funding

Resolution 20-85: Canada Seeds Act and Regulations

Resolution E2-85: Federal/Provincial Cooperation in Agriculture Research

Resolution E3-85: SCAP Inspections and Designs