1999 Resolutions

Only resolutions passed at the 1999 Provincial ASB Conference are posted here. The “Therefore Be It Resolved” and response are listed here for information.

Resolution 1-99: Provincial Enforcement of Weed Control Act in Urban Centres

Resolution 2-99: Weed Control in Provincial Parks

Resolution 3-99: Restricted and Noxious Weed Prevention on Reclamation Sites

Resolution 4-99: Designation of Undesired Vegetation

Resolution 5-99: Certified Forage Seed and Weed Analysis for Land Reclamation

Resolution 6-99: Weed Control Act Designation List: Purple Loosestrife

Resolution 7-99: Weed Control Act

Resolution 8-99: Free Trade of Cattle

Resolution 9-99: Cost Sharing Under Alberta Management and Erosion Control Program (AWMECP)

Resolution 11-99: Changes to Regulations of the Motor Transport Act Regarding Hay Hauling

Resolution 12-99: Encourage Joint Dialogue Between the Federal and Provincial Governments Before Changing the Use of Pesticides

Resolution 16-99: Treatment of Revenues from Lifetime Brand Fees