Animal Health Emergency Training

Click here to be directed to the AHEM website to register for workshops throughout August and September and access resources for producers, policy makers, and veterinarians who may have to deal with an Animal Health Emergency.

“The Animal Health Emergency Management (AHEM) project develops industry relevant resources to minimize the impacts of serious livestock diseases now and into the future. Our objective is to enhance the emergency management capabilities of Canada’s livestock industry, for both a continually evolving disease landscape and adverse events, through increased industry awareness, capacity, and confidence.

AHEM is focused on the collaborative development and delivery of practical resources, policies and training that will support producers, industry associations and animal health specialists.

Resources for industry developed by the AHEM project to date include provincial association staff plans and producer handbooks, workshops, webinars, and online training for veterinarians in partnership with international disease recognition organizations. Resources currently under development include protocols to address crucial industry gaps, and national frameworks”

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