Integrated Vegetation Management Planning

Fostering collaboration for efficient use of scarce resources.

Resolution 1-17

On September 1, 2020 the ASB Provincial Committee met with Deputy Minister Rae-Ann Lajeunesse and Assistant Deputy Minister Tom Loo from the Ministry of Transportation to discuss the conclusion of the 2017-2019 Integrated Vegetation Management plan, and the possibility of creating another 3 year plan. The DM was very positive with a willingness to improve communications and coordinate management approaches at the local level.

It is likely that the next three year plan will be less of a blanket approach as we have had in the past (see the chart in the linked Briefing Note for a summary of the 2017-19 plan) and instead be tailored to address specific local needs, with public safety having the highest consideration. It was acknowledged that with the current budget constraints at the ASB and provincial level a coordinated weed management approach will be essential to use available resources efficiently.

The ministry expressed a desire to improve the process for addressing concerns and create consistency in how issues are communicated to the ministry. This year, you can expect to hear from the local Regional Director at the Regional ASB conferences. These Regional Directors are the ministry staff that are the first point of contact with issues regarding the contractors in each CMA.

The Committee will continue to check in with the ministry as the year progresses and keep tabs on the progress towards a new three year Integrated Vegetation Management plan.

Sept 1, 2020 Briefing Note for the discussion:

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