Resolution 10-21, Federal Fuel Charge

Looking for a carbon levy exemption on propane and natural gas for farming operations.

We have not yet received any responses from the Alberta government regarding Resolution 10-21, however farmers from across Canada are interested and applying pressure for Carbon Levy relief. Private members bill C-206, if passed will add propane and natural gas to the list of farm fuels in the “Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act”. This bill has made it through the second reading and is now before the “Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food”. Unfortunately this will not include open the door for an exemption for grain drying as grain drying is not an farming operation listed in the Act as explained by a Global News article in February.

There is some cause for optimism however as the federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is discussing the issues, according to a Western Producer article from March 4.

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