Brazeau County’s input into Resolution 5-19

Resolution 5-19: Multi-Stakeholder Committee to Work at Reducing the Use of Fresh Water by the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta

On October 14, the Agricultural Service Board Provincial Committee met with a delegation from Brazeau County to discuss the Minister of Environment and Parks response to Resolution 5-19. The ASBPC met with the minister on August 10 of this year and the minister indicated he felt that the resolution was resolved with the updated Water Conservation Policy for Upstream Oil and Gas and did not feel that another multi-stakeholder committee was needed. Brazeau County ASB, the sponsors of resolution 5-19, disagreed with the minister and so sent a delegation to discuss their concerns with the ASBPC. The Brazeau County ASB delegation consisted of Chairperson Dallas Ekstrom, and Reeve and ASB member Bart Guyon.

Oil and gas operations continue to use fresh surface water that Brazeau County ASB feels would be better served as potable water for rural and urban residential or agriculture uses. The goal they feel should be to eliminate the use of fresh water in oil and gas extraction in a way that encourages the industry to innovate the solution that works for them. They continue to advocate for a multi stakeholder committee consisting of representation from watersheds, agriculture producers, public from the area, and industry to work on the issue at a pace that allows the industry to adjust.

After some discussion it was decided that it would be best if all municipal associations who are affected by the use of fresh water by oil and gas pushed the same agenda. The Committee will continue to push Resolution 5-19 with the Ministry of Environment and Parks, while the Brazeau County ASB works to include the Alberta’s Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and Rural Municipalities Association (RMA) on moving the issue forward.

RMA currently has 2 resolutions dealing with this concern (linked below). Resolutions at AUMA related to water infrastructure and not to quality and use outside of urban boundaries.

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