Alberta Agriculture Response to Resolutions 2-22: Restoration of Alberta Agriculture Forestry and Rural Economic Development Regional Network of Experts, 1-22: Vegetation Management on Alberta Provincial Highways, and 5-22: Exemption of Natural Gas and Propane…

Resolution 2-22, Resolution 1-22, Resolution 5-22

The Committee has received a response from Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development for Resolutions 2-22, 1-22, and 5-22 and they are now posted on the website.

The ASBPC will met in April and identified three resolution responses as incomplete. Letters of request were sent out this week requesting further information to the resolution responses posted on the website for Resolution 5-22, 4-22 and 2-22. The Resolution Committee will meet again on May 16 to decide their final grades to the resolutions. ASBs are encouraged to download the Resolution grading form and submit their grades to the ASBPC by June 30.

Since 2020, the ASBPC has endeavored to adjust administrative processes for resolutions to make it easier for ASBs to provide feedback and have input into how resolutions are advanced. These changes have been made to provide more time for reviewing and providing feedback.

  1. Responses are posted on the website as they are received and notice is sent out through the blog.
  2. Sponsoring municipalities and their ASBPC representative are notified of the response by direct email and are invited to provide feedback.
  3. ASBPC members are notified by email when a response is received.
  4. Resolution grading forms are made available on the website so ASBs can grade them as they come in. In the past these forms were sent out June 1 and required back by June 30.
  5. Details of the deadlines and process for resolutions is posted on Resolution Rules of Procedure page for quick reference. 

The ASBPC welcomes feedback from the ASB chairs through their regional representatives on the 2022 resolution responses. We also welcome any information or feedback on any of the active resolutions posted on the website from ASB members.

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