**Now Closed** Extension Survey – ASBs and AAAF

**Surveys are now closed. Thank you for your participation. Volunteers will be contacted with a Doodle pole. – July 18, 2022 update**

A new system is in the works and there is opportunity for ASBs to engage and be heard.

RDAR is supporting discussions around how to deliver agriculture extension of the research and programs that they are delivering. They have a task team pulled together and have the ear of the minister. (see blog post Building Relationship Between RDAR and ASBs)

The consultant and task team are putting the final touches on their report and bringing it back to the RDAR board. Facilitated discussions with other stakeholders are expected to happen later this month. To prepare for these discussions, the ASBPC has developed a survey to gather insight into ASB extension priorities and needs, and to ask for input into creating key messages that represent the interests of ASBs at these engagements.

An AAAF specific survey was sent out through the AAAF executive last week, and the ASB survey has been distributed to the ASBPC regional reps to distribute to the Chairs. The surveys should only take a couple of minutes to complete and will help to direct ASB representatives at the upcoming engagements. Any ASB members or staff that would like to help to shape the key messages and form the advocacy on agriculture extension is asked to identify yourself through the survey (last question) or reach out to the ASBPC directly.

ASB Extension Survey – closed July 18, 2022

AAAF Extension Survey – closed July 18, 2022

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