ADM Townhall with ASB Chairs June 8

Resolution 6-20, Resolution 1-21, Resolution 5-22

ASB Liaison Program Update

The new ASB Liaison program has been operating for one year as of June 2022. The ASB Liaison program replaced the old Key Contact after the last restructure of the ministry. The Liaison’s are government employees working for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development and come from a variety of backgrounds. Each ASB region has at least one Liaison assigned to support communications between the ASBs and the staff at the Ministry.

PEACEGayah Sieusahai & Dan Benson
NORTHWESTTanya Warren & Shawn Elgert
NORTHEASTCassandra Docherty
CENTRALKellie Jackson
SOUTHAlan Efetha & Joe Harrington

Liaison’s are empowered to connect with the ASBs in their area and be available to meet with them virtually, although some have been able to meet with ASBs in person. Each Liaison has the freedom to take their own approach to engagement so some are hosting virtual meetings with Chairs and Fieldmen while others are waiting to be asked to connect.

To date the most significant issues raised through the ASB Liaisons include:

  • Dry conditions
  • Feed shortages and prices
  • Weeds on well sites
  • Wild boar
  • Agriculture Plastics Recycle
  • Extension
  • Funding
  • Avian influenza

Any ASB that has not been engaged with their assigned ASB Liaison is encouraged to reach out.

Wild Boar Update

  • Three Counties signed up for the hunting pilot
  • 221 captures as of May 31, 2022
  • AFSC now has compensation for wild boar damage

Avian Influenza

  • As of June 1, 949,000 birds and 29 locations were reported
  • One site has come off quarantine on June 2nd.
  • Market Restrictions now include: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Mexico, Vietnam, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Trinidad, Australia, European Union, Philippines, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and the United States (zone wise restriction).
  • Animal Health specialists are anticipating a possible resurgence in the fall as the migratory birds return after a summer in the north.

Bee Depredation

Response to Resolution 6-20 indicated that AFSC was working on including Depredation in the terms Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. It currently does not currently cover losses to beehives caused by bears, AFSC is looking at how this coverage may be incorporated into its insurance program in 2023

Greenhouse Gas Exemption Bill (Resolution 5-22)

No new update since the last Blog post. See blog post from May 11, 2022 “Bill C206 and Bill C234 – Exemption of propane and natural gas from the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act” for an update and to link to the current status of these bills. Alberta government continues to advocate for these bills that will exempt natural gas and propane used by farmers from the pollution pricing.

Weeds on Wellsites (Resolution 1-21 progress)

The last meeting of the working group was on December 3rd where it was decided that legislation and/or regulation changes needed to be made to address the issue. The process was turned over to the Ministry to work with Alberta Energy Regulator to come up with potential solutions. Nothing further to report.

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