Resolution Responses to Date

The ASBPC committee will meet on Monday April 17 to discuss the resolution responses received to date, and decide next steps.

# of Resolutions# of Responses Sent # of Responses Received

All of the responses have been added to the website on the 2023 Resolution page, and have been emailed directly to the sponsoring municipalities for their feedback. On April 17 the ASBPC will review all of the resolution responses received, and any feedback from the ASBs and decide if further information is required.

Next StepsDue date
ASBPC requests further responsesMay 15
ASBPC reviews all responses and gradesby May 20
ASBPC sends out Resolution grading packagesby June 1
ASBs Resolution Grading sheets due to ASBPCby June 30
ASBPC distributes the 2023 Report Cardby Sept 1

Grading sheets are available on the website for any ASB that would prefer to grade resolutions as the responses are posted on the website. Any ASB with feedback on any of the resolution responses can reach out to their ASBPC representative to provide feedback for next Monday’s discussion.

Resolution response summary:

1-23AB Skilled Trades and Professions
2-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
3-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
8-23Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
Canada Energy Regulator
AB Agriculture and Irrigation
AB Affordability and Utilities
11-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
E1-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
E2-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
E3-23AB Agriculture and Irrigation
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