Corridors for Pollinators

Alberta Beekeeper Commission resolution passed and responded.

In November 2022 the Alberta Beekeepers Commission passed a resolution asking for a strategy to be developed for Alberta public spaces that considers the needs of honey bees, beekeepers and native pollinators.

The resolution references US Department of Transportation Federal Highways Administration Environmental Review Toolkit which includes Roadside Best Management Practices That Benefit Pollinators, and Pollinators and Roadsides: Best Management Practices for Managers and Decision Makers.

The full resolution can be found on their website through the following Link:

Resolution 1: Corridors for Pollinators: Maintaining Roadsides for Pollinators; Establishment, Restoration, Management and Maintenance

On February 15, 2023, Devin Dreeshen Minister of Transporation and Economic corridors responded to the resolution.

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